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In September, 2019, Gergely Ittzés joins the faculty of the new branch of

The JUILLIARD SCHOOL, opening in Tianjin, China:


From September 2018 Gergely Ittzés receives a three-year grant

from the Hungarian Academy of Arts for his creative work


March, 2019: STORMY SILENCE – a studio recording of the Szilárd Mezei Trio and Gergely Ittzés
released by the English FMR Records. (Music on the border of jazz and free improvisation.)


Finalist at the International Classical Music Award (ICMA):


The 7 piece CD series is now COMPLETE!!!

3 centuries, 7 CDs, 9 hours, 34 flute sonatas


Vol1.: J. S. Bach, C. P. E. Bach, Haendel, Mozart

Vol2.: Donizetti, Kuhlau, Reinecke, Karg-Elert

Vol3.: Devienne, Gaubert, Mouquet, Pierné, Poulenc

Vol4.: Jongen, Pilati, Pijper, Ravel

Vol5.: Lajtha, Denisov, Taktakishvili, Prokofiev

Vol6.: Martinu, Schulhoff, Feld, Muczynski, Liebermann

Vol7.: Bowen, Dubois, Andriessen, Jolivet, Hindemith 


Interview in Die Flöte Aktuell, periodical of  the German Flute Association